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Why Should We Use Handmade, Natural Soap?

The soap sold commercially is most often made on a large scale with the most cost-effective way possible. This includes using chemical detergents, hardening ingredients and other chemicals which are sometimes harmful to our skin. The ingredients in commercial soap often leave the skin dry as they are made to mainly focus on cleaning and forget about skin conditioning. Handmade soaps are made with natural ingredients and essential oils. Moreover, in handmade soaps we can control any additives such as aromatherapy oils or other ingredients such as glycerin. What is glycerin? Glycerin is an amino acid that softens the skin. The process of soap making naturally produces glycerin. Glycerin is used as a humectant in soap products. It helps to ensure that the skin will maintain its own moisture to protect it from damage caused by excessive dryness. Instead of creating a barrier, humectants such as glycerin allow the skin to breathe. A natural bas soap containing glycerin is gentle to the skin.

Most commercial soaps don’t have glycerin because the glycerin is extracted to make other skin and high-quality products such as moisturizing lotions. The extraction of glycerin leaves the soap hard and irritating to the skin, although it cleans well. A good soap must be skin loving and soft. Natural handmade soap is enriched with glycerin and other natural skin friendly ingredients.

Some people may argue that handmade soap contains lye, and they don’t want lye on their skin. The wonder of chemistry is that during the process of saponification, the lye completely dissolves and reacts with he oils used to form soap, and no more lye remains if the correct proportions were used during the process of manufacturing.

One of the best advantages of using natural soap is that all the ingredients are natural from colouring to fragrance and to oils and butters. Handmade soap is about using natural ingredients in the right proportion. Each piece of soap that is handmade is, first of all, a creative product, including a piece of the heart and soul of its creator. In my opinion, soap crafting is an occupation for the soul which bring joy and pleasure to everyone engage in the process.

At Ballygarvan Soaps all our products are handmade from original recipes containing natural oils and organic additives such as honey, olive oil, sea buckthorn, peach, wheat germ and many more oils and butter who will moisturise, rejuvenate and pamper your skin. Our handmade soaps can be a powerful means of aromatherapy, because it often includes natural essential oils. We can customise your order with your desired fragrance.

The main advantages of natural handmade soap include:

- Clear skin,

- Hydration and nutrition, thanks to natural oils,

- Aromatherapy while using soap,

- Aesthetic pleasure.

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