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We are delighted you choose the excellence and quality products from Ballygarvan Soap & Candles. Subscribe to our site and take advantage of all the reduced rates, special offers, & competition prizes. Be part of our design team. Your suggestions are important to us. When we apply your design ideas you get rewarded with prizes in cash and vouchers. Tell us what you think about our products and how can we improve them to suit your needs. Remember,  you can customize your purchases to your desired fragrances.  You are the most important member of our team. Looking forward to our journey together in the world of artisan soap and aromatherapy candles! Enjoy the journey...


Our Story

Beauty in a bottle, happiness in a jar...

There’s nothing like that little spark of delight you get from an amazing beauty product. You know the one. It could be your favorite handmade soap, your go-to serum, or that perfect hand cream — they all have the power to enhance what’s naturally beautiful and make it glow.

Since its founding in 2019, Ballygarvan Handmade Soap has been a beauty destination for innovative, high quality products that our customers love and trust. We carry it all, from everyday must haves to those rare beauty finds you can’t get anywhere else. Browse our site to explore our extensive selection.

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