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This Easter card is a visually engaging and festive 5 by 7-inch greeting card. Crafted from premium cardstock with a thoughtful attention to detail and quality.

On the front, the card features a three-dimensional lattice design, which serves as a dynamic backdrop to three large, vivid yellow flowers that immediately draw the eye. Adding a touch of elegance and Easter spirit, a shimmering golden egg adorned with metallic hearts is prominently displayed. The egg adds a luxurious texture and a celebratory sparkle to the design.

Complementing the visuals, the message "Happy Easter" is presented in a sophisticated font, with black and silver colours that give a classic contrast against the white background. This adds a traditional touch to the card, resonating with the timeless greetings of Easter.

The card boasts rounded edges on three sides, lending a soft and delicate border that enhances its handcrafted appeal. Inside, the card carries a personal touch with the message "Just for you" printed in a simple yet elegant black script, offering a versatile sentiment that can be appreciated by anyone who receives it.

This beautiful Easter card is paired with a pristine white envelope, sealed with a metallic silver sticker that features a bow design, which finalizes the presentation with sophistication and charm. This detail ensures that the card is ready to be given as a thoughtful and memorable gift to someone special during the Easter celebrations.

3D Luxury Easter handmade card 5" x 7"

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